From Nags to Numbnuts


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** NOW WITH FREE P&P!! (UK Only) **

Horses are wonderful, intelligent creatures that give a lifetime of love, companionship and the potential for incredible competitive sports.

On the other hand, if you’re the fool that foots the bills, they’re dreadful, needy creatures that can suck a bank account dry quicker than you can say “I think we need to buy a lorry”.

Follow one man’s journey into misery, mild alcohol dependence and, ultimately, probable financial ruin as he hilariously explains everything you need to know about the world of horses and horse sports.

This book is the first from Daniel Skinner who writes a blog under the name ‘Skint Dressage Daddy’, where he describes his life as a downtrodden husband and father in a house dominated by his daughter’s obsession with horses and dressage.

Described as “The funniest thing on the internet” and “So funny you’ll laugh till you cry”, the blog regularly attracts over 250,000 readers and posts have been featured in Horse & Hound and others. Daniel also writes a monthly column in the national GB Rider magazine.

Warning: The book contains much swearing!

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