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New Nag Update

Hello horse people. I'd firstly just like to say that this post is guaranteed 100% coronavirus-free… by which I mean I’m not planning on mentioning it so...

The horse test

Hello horse people. CC2 got a new pony magazine yesterday. I’ve no idea where it came from by the way — like all (the cheaper) horse-related things...

All gone!

Shh, listen…. Seriously, SSSSHHHHH!… Hear that? It’s the sound of silence. If I go out into the garden I can’t hear any whinnying or neighing. I can’t...

The secret

Hello horse people. I have more to add to yesterday’s post, I’m sorry to say. The story so far for those that weren’t listening or have incredibly...

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SDD is the reluctant, primary funding source of a dressage-obsessed young lady, currently 13, also known as Cost Centre Two (CC2). Cost Centre One (CC1) is his other half, at whose door he lays all blame, and quite bloody rightly too.

He likes cars, motorbikes, planes, guitars and wine. But not horses. Read more